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Financial freedom through building Dividend Machines!

Many people ask how can they retire from work earlier and be financially comfortable like me? Of course, I tell them investing for income ha...

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I bought shares of XXXX and I am worried now.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

I get emails like this quite frequently:

"I am very new to investing and am learning a lot from your blog. May I seek your advice on whether to buy/sell XXXX? I have recently bought XXXX shares at $X.XX and am worried about their involvement with XXXX. Should I sell or hold?"

I always say if we know the value of our business, we will know if the market price makes sense. 

If we know, then, we can take advantage of fluctuations in market prices.

I rarely recommend courses for readers to attend but I have suggested readers who are serious about becoming investors for income to attend Dividend Machines. In fact, I told some readers that they should sign up because they really need help.

Some tell me that they will wait for the next intake and I tell them if they are serious about investing for income, they should learn the ropes now.

Don't tell me "no time".

If we want to do anything, we should make time to learn how to do it first. What's so different about investing for income?

Make time to go for Dividend Machines this year. It is an online course with a 1 day workshop.

Being mostly online, you learn at your own pace and going for a one day workshop later isn't very time consuming, is it?

How much does Dividend Machines cost? Under US$300 per pax. It doesn't cost an arm and a leg.

This intake for Dividends Machines will close very soon. 

To be exact, it will close at 2359 hrs on 26 Feb 2017. That is tomorrow.

2017 INTAKE.

If we need help, the sooner we get it, the sooner we enjoy the benefits. Still thinking if you should sign up?

Sign up here:
Again, this is closing at 2359 hrs on 26 Feb 2017 (Sunday).

If you feel that you need guidance investing for income, sign up for this.


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