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I spend a lot of time replying to emails from readers, even more time than I spend blogging. So, I treat these conversations as blog posts and share what I feel is worth sharing in my blog. In doing so, I am always careful not to reveal names or email addresses, for examples, so that privacy is not compromised. I believe that such sharing will benefit many and hurt no one. I hope readers who choose to write to me agree. :)

A couple of blog posts on selling winning investments.

Friday, July 29, 2016

"Hi AK,
just curious about your strategy on handling rises in a share price. E.g if you had bought StarHub/ sph/ accordia etc for income, at what level would you consider it worthwhile to sell? Thanks!"

"If we are investing for income, if the investment is still doing the job we expect it to do, generating attractive income for us, then, there is really no reason to sell unless we feel that there is another investment out there that can do a better job." - AK

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