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Reducing investment in Accordia Golf Trust.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

I am sharing this conversation which I had with a reader which took place in the comments section of my last blog on Accordia Golf Trust because I feel that it is important enough to share as a proper blog.

csky said...
Redemption of the deposit means the member has cancelled their membership. But non-members can still play but at a higher play fee.

The large redemption for FY17/18 was unexpected as the previous years’ redemption averaged about 20%. They think it could be because this batch of redemption included 2 golf courses that had much higher membership deposit fees than other golf courses.

The cumulative amount of membership that has yet to be redeemed is shown in the dark grey bar on top of the chart. Which is 11,215 (JPY million) for FY17/18 and it is also reflected under liabilities in their balance sheet.

This membership deposit is an old scheme. The last batch of this old scheme is reflected by the grey bar of 750 (JPY Million) for FY18/19 as shown in the chart. So new members who join now, they no longer has to place any such redeemable membership deposits.

AK said...
Thanks very much for sharing this. :)

These old members who redeemed their deposits can rejoin as new members without having to make any deposit under the new scheme.

Realistically, we should expect deposit redemption to continue to impact distributions in future and, in time, cease altogether.

csky said...
Most welcome ;)

AK, all of their loans will be due in either August 2018 or August 2019. Is this normal? I am assuming they will try to refinance the loans, but it sounds like they are not giving themselves very much time. What if there is sudden financial crunch? And it certainly does not seem like they have enough cash to make repayment of the loans too.

Term loan A ($15,000M) and Term loan B ($15,000) are both due in August 2018. Term loan C ($15,000) is due Sep 2019. Term Loan A has already been extended once (from August 17 to August 18), no mention of them refinancing it again. The report does say they are refinancing Term Loan B with banks.

AK said...
Yes, I was a bit surprised that they extended the loan for one year only.

Now, together with the risk of membership deposit redemption, it looks like they might have too much on their plate.

Although I think that AGT can be a good investment for income, with all the uncertainties, to add to my investment, I would demand a lower unit price as compensation for the risk I would have to undertake.

With this in mind, I think it might actually be a good idea to reduce my rather big investment in the trust.

I will talk about this again in my regular full year passive income report next month.

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