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This job is unpaid but offers exposure.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

From time to time, I would receive emails like the following:

Example 1:
I wrote to you some time ago and was essentially rejected by you. maybe you are more open to it now...please allow me to suggest two ways where we can collaborate...
Example 2:
...we do not pay panelist. However, we still hope that you would consider to be a panelist... talking about how each individual should build their portfolio at every stage of their life which also fits into our theme for this year.... looking forward to your favourable reply.
Watch this! ROFL!

"Oh, this job is unpaid but it does offer excellent exposure."

Yes, the word "exposure" is used pretty much all the time when people want me to work without pay.

Hey, see how I disguise myself? Do you think I want "exposure"?

I am just a hobbyist blogger. I don't have any product or services to sell. I won't make a ton of money if I have more "exposure".

When I am asked to do some work, I am giving up my time and putting in effort. I think it is fair that I get paid.

"When I am asked to give talks or make public appearances or do any kind of work, one way or another, I am always paid a fee because I am doing something on request.

"So, to be fair to others who have paid me for my time and effort in the past and to be consistent, I will have to decline your invitation."

If I am blogging for a living, then, I would probably want more "exposure".

However, the day I have to blog for a living is probably the day I will stop blogging. Very cham.

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