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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

This is a song I have always enjoyed.

Apologies to readers who do not understand Hokkien or could not read Chinese.

To those who understand, I hope this brightens up your day. :)

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EC said...

Hi AK71,

Haha are you a Hokkien too? Nice and entertaining songs - thanks!


AK71 said...

Hi Eugene,

If I am not mistaken, I am a Singaporean of Chinese Hokkien and Indonesian Chinese descent with a dash of Teochew, maybe. ;p

BfGf Money Blog said...


This song cheered me up today!

Keeping it old school, AK...

BTW, I enjoyed your interview with the Fifth Person :)

I even play the podcast for my Gf to hear, "There, ASSI la, the guy who wear mask and dress like kungfu master. Next time I also wanna do that..."

AK71 said...

Hi Jerry,

I am glad that you enjoyed the song and the interview. Of course, the song is more important lah. ;p

Oh, dear. I hope I have not started a cosplay trend for investment and personal finance bloggers in Singapore. -.-"

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